How to Navigate the Four Stages of a Startup Business

I. Ideation
II. Planning
III. Execution
IV. Launch
Startup Book Cover


From Idea to Launch: Navigating the Four Stages of a Startup Business

Choosing to start a business is a powerful decision. It brings with it a great sense of freedom, but also a great sense of responsibility. We know there’s a reason why you believe starting a business is right for you, but if you’re going to be successful, you need real advice from real business owners. And that’s what this book provides.

Maven Publishing USA / ISBN: 2940152911121
"If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but need some guidance from people who have already done it, this book is a great place to begin."

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About Matt

Matt Smith - Author - Startup

Matt Smith is the Founder and CEO of Modmacro, an award-winning digital marketing firm in Southern California. Author of Kill the Noise, a book about streamlining your business, Matt’s approach challenges established digital marketing tactics and thinking.

An engineer by education, Matt has focused more than a decade on software development and small business marketing. Founding Modmacro in 2010, his role involves directing the company while remaining intimately involved in client projects on a daily basis.

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About Modmacro

An award-winning web design and marketing firm, Modmacro partners with select small businesses to strategically grow their companies. The company delivers digital marketing that impresses the public, communicates your brand personality, and supports your goals for growth. All with the boutique experience you crave.

Their integrated marketing approach is based on a healthy mix of original creativity (design), visual appeal (branding), authentic story sharing (PR), driving targeted traffic (SEO), original content creation, user experience design considerations (UX), and practical data insights (analytics).

About Jessica

Jessica Dawson - Author - Startup

Jessica Dawson is the CEO and Co-founder of Maven Publishing USA, a boutique publishing house of non-fiction that focuses on turning entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals into published authors. Every business has a story, but few business owners have the time to devote to learning the fine details of writing and publishing. Jessica and her team collaborate with busy professionals to create books that become powerful marketing assets and help to position the authors as experts in their fields.

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About Maven Publishing

Maven Publishing is a boutique writing, editing, and publishing house of non-fiction, making published authors of entrepreneurs, business people, and professionals, who are then superiorly branded and positioned by their book(s).

From financial advisers to CEOs to nutritionists to relationship experts, the team at Maven has worked with all types of busy professionals who should have books but who don’t have the time to learn the fine details of writing and publishing. Maven works with clients at any stage of the book creation process and makes sure they get to the finish line.

In partnership with Maven Publishing. A boutique publishing house of fine small business and non-fiction books and authors.

Davey Awards 2016 Silver Winner

Startup was a 2016 Davey Awards recipient in e-book (content) category.

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